Santos Holdings  maintains a healthy, safe and pollution-free work environment at all our sites & Clients sites.

We have a legacy of executing complex process. Challenging business requires precision and vigilance.

An injury-free track record because of excellent safety standards, competent and effective management skills, and timely delivery of all our business have been the company’s forte.

Safety measures that the company has knitted into the framework of functioning take into account perceived risk, practicality, compliance with regulations and recognition of social norms.

Santos Holdings is a proactive Energy company, providing positive, effortless and enjoyable business acumen and related experiences. Our completed petroleum products, solutions and services provide the best example of the skills in our many years of operations.

History of Excellence – Santos Holdings  was founded on the principle of achieving excellence in every aspect of our business and developing long lasting relationships. Since inception, we has engaged in successful business relations with all our clientele in a manner that is prudent and with utmost deliverance of excellence.

Customer Satisfaction – Santos Holdings success business and works are based on our goal to exceed our customer’s expectations. We have a proven track record for satisfying customers as evidenced by an exceptional amount of repeat business since our inception. Our reputation can be attested by the proof relationships cemented by our customers throughout UAE.

Quality Assurance – In addition, safety and quality components are built into our short interval business schedules. Through in-house process teams, we seek ways to improve our operations. Customer surveys often suggest areas of improvement which has been practice in all our business. Our management and supervisors meet regularly to share their best practice experiences and conformance to industry standard practices. Process teams have and constantly studied and have made recommendations for short interval production scheduling thus increasing constant business improvement throughout the year.