We believe in the power of energy to transform lives, enhance communities, advance human progress, and sustain our planet.

With global population forecast to increase by two billion over the next 25 years, even more energy will be required to meet rising demand. It will take all available sources of energy to fill this need — both legacy and alternative sources. And while alternative energy sources are steadily making advances, they will not be capable of meeting future demand alone. Even as we transition to a low emissions future, hydrocarbon-based energy sources will be counted on to meet the bulk of the world’s energy demand well into the future.


We have already demonstrated the potential of technology to reduce emissions from both mobile and stationary sources. We are also capturing emissions and turning them into useful industrial products and manufacturing feed stocks that boost economic growth and job creation. These successes, along with other strategies, have given us one of the lowest COfootprints in the oil and gas industry.