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Today, we live in a pandemic caused by the coronavirus infection known as COVID-19.
April 25, 2021

Dear visitors,
Today, we live in a pandemic caused by the coronavirus infection known as COVID-19.
We are convinced that responsible actions by each and every one of us will help overcome this severe challenge.
Please use the following official sources for comprehensive information on how to best protect yourself and your loved ones, as well as for the latest updates on the situation:

Stay healthy!
Measures taken by Santos Holdings and its subsidiaries to prevent spread of new coronavirus infection and protect employees
As of June 2, 2020
A set of measures is being implemented at the Santos Holdings facilities in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the employees.
Santos Holdings, the parent company of the Group, has set up a task force to monitor the situation and coordinate the activities of the Group’s subsidiaries and organizations, which, in their turn, have also set up their own active task forces. Relevant information is submitted to the headquarters daily, making it possible to respond in a timely manner to any changes in the situation.
Only the minimum staff required to ensure an uninterrupted and safe functioning is present at the workplaces. The other employees have temporarily switched to remote work. At Santos Holdings, more stringent access control measures have been adopted at the check, and medical monitoring (including COVID-19 testing) with body temperature screening has been arranged. Workers are provided with personal protective equipment and disinfectant products. Disinfection is carried out in buildings, rooms and vehicles .

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