Santos Holdings is a fast growing company that is passionate about offering high quality Import and export services along with other fast-moving consumer goods, plus A to Z services in relation to developers, importers and exporters of petroleum and gas products. We strive to ensure that high quality products and services that influence lives in a positive manner are supplied. It is essential that these products are meeting the end-user’s everyday life expectations. After putting all our experience in developing a successful company and brand name in the region, Santos Holdings is now recognized as multi-dimensioned and diverse, crude oil trader, food distributor and Travel services provider. We aim to strive towards both backward and forward integration.

In additions, Santos Holdings has also forged partnerships with globally renowned manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders from Europe,United Arab Emirates, Spain, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey and the likes for joint ventures and combined resource in attaining partnerships in global commodity sourcing ensuring the end- user’s satisfaction and the company growth.


Santos Holdings’s commitment to society is firmly rooted in its endeavours  to business both life and the environment. Our corporate policies promise the best in regional health, safety and environment guidelines. Our dedication to the health and safety of our employees guides our course of action. We strive to minimize accidents and occupational health hazards. Safety is an integral part of our operations.

Our Mission

To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real life essentials.

Our Vision

Be one of the world’s premier organizations by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

Our Values

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions

Our Team

Our people have built successful and reputational name throughout all areas we operate in and beyond that have not only changed lives but empowered the business communities of the areas we worked with. Santos Holdings board, managers, personnel & administrative staff work together to provide effective products, solutions and services to our clientele. As a merit shop employer, we compensate and promote each employee based on his or her skills during their tenure with the company. We consider our workforce as one of our key assets and attribute our success to their relentless hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. We strongly believe that healthy employer-employee relationships promote productivity, motivation and morale of the workforce.

Our employee relation specialists explain policies, managers, advise employees and management on issues concerning them. Special focus is given to resolve internal problems, maintain positive relations and strike a balance between the needs of the employee and that of the Company.

Finally, Santos Holdings adopts an internal resource within HR department to make sure employees are consulted on;

  • New & Existing Policies
  • Benefit & Packages
  • Contracts & Negotiations
  • Compliance with industry Standards & applicable laws